Prepared By: B.VAN HOOF
Prepared for: J.C. de Groot


Date: 07-03-2001




Release Level: 5.00
Part Name: ECKL-41 BODY
Material Supplier: BASF (Germany) [ BASFWIS ]
Material Grade: Polystyrol 427 D [ BA2704 ]
Max Injection Pressure: 500.00 MPa
Mold Temperature: 45.00 deg.C
Melt Temperature: 235.00 deg.C
Model Suitability: Part model was highly suitable for analysis.

Moldability: Your part will be extremely difficult to fill and part quality may be unacceptable.

View the Confidence of Fill plot and use the Dynamic Adviser to get help on how to improve the filling of the part.
Confidence: Low
Injection Time: 1.12 sec
Injection Pressure: 96.53 MPa
Weld Lines: Yes
Air Traps: Yes
Shot Volume : 19.97
Warnings: Injection nodes have been placed in thin regions.
This can lead to problems relating to sink marks and warpage.

Location (207.2,141.7,8.2) on part 1 is only 0.3 mm thick.

With the part 1 thickness ranging from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm
and the nominal thickness being 1.5 mm

Cooling Quality: Your part will have large problems cooling and may cause problems with ejection.
Temperature Range: -8.70 deg.C to 11.22 deg.C
Freeze Time Range: -2.39 sec to 6.97 sec

Sinkability: 9 % of your model was found to be prone to sink marks.


Glass Model


Solid Model


Plastic Flow



Animation - Plastic Flow

Fill Time



Animation - Fill Time

Confidence of Fill


Injection Pressure


Pressure Drop


Flow Front Temp.


Quality Prediction


Weld Lines


Air Traps


Cooling Quality


Surface Temp. Variance


Freeze Time Variance


Sink Marks Estimate





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