DYM Development Future Vision

“Possibilities with one person and one Top-insert clothes hanger machine”
One person can do: 60 handlings by minute 3600 by hour
Lost in productivity: 26% in efficiency   26% lost
Production: 44,4 pieces by minute   2664 pieces by hour  
Minus one third: 14,8 preparation time 888 production line


29,6 pieces by minute 1776 pieces by hour

Topinsert® hand handling:  19,3 pieces by minute 1158 pieces by hour
What do you now: 5,6 hand handling, by minute 336 pieces by hour?
What is the cost price of one employee and overhead charges by 336 pieces, or 1776 pieces, included the standard clothing hangers by hour?

What do you think that is the money saving and

more price of the Topinsert® clothing hanger foldable system?

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